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What Is China Doing in Policy-Making to Push Back the Negative Aspects of the Nutrition Transition?


Zhai, Fengying; Fu, Dawei; Du, Shufa; Ge, Keyou; Chen, Chunming; & Popkin, Barry M. (2002). What Is China Doing in Policy-Making to Push Back the Negative Aspects of the Nutrition Transition?. Public Health Nutrition, 5(1A), 269-273.


Objective: To review the nutrition policies and efforts related to nutrition transition in China.
Design and setting: This paper reviews the nutrition policy and activities of China to prevent and control diet-related non-communicable diseases (DR-NCDs). Data came from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Council and some cross-sectional surveys.
Results: China is undergoing a remarkable, but undesirable, rapid transition towards a stage of the nutrition transition characterised by high rates of DR-NCDs in a very short time. Some public sector Chinese organisations have combined their efforts to create the initial stages of systematic attempts to reduce these problems. These efforts, which focus on both under- and overnutrition, include the new Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents and the Chinese Pagoda and The National Plan of Action for Nutrition in China, issued by the highest body of the government, the State Council. There are selected agricultural sector activities that are laudable and few other systematic efforts that are impacting behaviour yet. In the health sector, efforts related to reducing hypertension and diabetes are becoming more widespread, but there is limited work in the nutrition sector. This paper points to some unique strengths from past Chinese efforts and to an agenda for the next several decades.
Conclusions: China is trying in its efforts to prevent and control the development of DR-NCDs but effects are limited. Systematic multi-sector co-operation is needed to effectively prevent and control DR-NCDs inside and outside the health sector.


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Journal Article

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Public Health Nutrition


Zhai, Fengying
Fu, Dawei
Du, Shufa
Ge, Keyou
Chen, Chunming
Popkin, Barry M.