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Hitlin, Steven & Piliavin, Jane Allyn (2004). Values: Reviving a Dormant Concept. Annual Review of Sociology, 30, 359-393.


Over the past decades, the concept of values has gone in and out of fashion within sociology. Relatively recent advances in both the conceptualization and measurement of values offer the potential for a reincorporation of values into sociological work. Sociologists often employ cursory understandings of values, imbuing values with too much determinism or viewing them as too individually subjective. The concept is employed sporadically in sociological subdisciplines. This review maps out the contours of the various approaches to linking values with culture, social structure, and individual behavior. We discuss theoretical and empirical approaches to values, organizing the broad literature to address three questions: (


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Annual Review of Sociology


Hitlin, Steven
Piliavin, Jane Allyn