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Darity, William A., Jr. (2001). End of Race?. Transforming Anthropology, 10(1), 39-43.


At regular intervals it has become customary for closureof long and persistent historical processes to be invokedin both scholarly and popular outlets. Typically theauthor manages to give voice to a sentiment widelysensed and shared that has yet to be put into the lan-guage of the moment. Examples include professions byDaniel Bell of "the end of ideology," by DineshD'Souza of "the end of racism," and by Francis Fuku-yama of "the end of history." The Bell (1962) andFukuyama (1992) claims actually are similar, bothcontending - wrongly - that the intellectual and politi-cal struggle between "capitalism" and "communism" ascompeting social systems is at an end. Bell argued thatconvergence around the "mixed economy" was intranscendence. Fukuyama, in contrast, now argues thatthe free-market economy stands triumphant in theinternational arena.


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Journal Article

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Transforming Anthropology


Darity, William A., Jr.