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2003 BPHC Evaluation Survey


Angeles, Gustavo; Lance, Peter M.; Hutchinson, Paul L.; Khan, Sekander Hayat; & Chakraborty, Nitai (2005). 2003 BPHC Evaluation Survey. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Carolina Population Center MEASURE.


Since 1988, the principal objective of the BPHC project has been to deliver maternal and child health and family planning services to poor and underserved communities in Bangladesh. The 2003 BPHC evaluation survey was conducted in Bangladesh to assess the performance of BPHC nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in terms of this objective. The survey was designed to assess performance as measured by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) performance indicators relative to the rural component of the NGO Service Delivery Partnership (NSDP) and comparable NSDP project areas adjacent to BPHC project areas.


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Angeles, Gustavo
Lance, Peter M.
Hutchinson, Paul L.
Khan, Sekander Hayat
Chakraborty, Nitai