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Bengtson, Vern L.; Elder, Glen H., Jr.; & Putney, Norella M. (2005). The Lifecourse Perspective on Ageing: Linked Lives, Timing, and History.. Johnson, Malcolm L. (Ed.) (pp. 493-509). New York: Cambridge University Press.


The Cambridge Handbook of Age and Ageing, first published in 2005, is a guide to the body of knowledge, theory, policy and practice relevant to age researchers and gerontologists around the world. It contains almost 80 original chapters, commissioned and written by the world's leading gerontologists from 16 countries and 5 continents. The broad focus of the book is on the behavioural and social sciences but it also includes important contributions from the biological and medical sciences. It provides comprehensive, accessible and authoritative accounts of all the key topics in the field ranging from theories of ageing, to demography, physical aspects of ageing, mental processes and ageing, nursing and health care for older people, the social context of ageing, cross cultural perspectives, relationships, quality of life, gender, and financial and policy provision. This handbook will be a must-have resource for all researchers, students and professionals with an interest in age and ageing.

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Bengtson, Vern L.
Elder, Glen H., Jr.
Putney, Norella M.