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Welcome to the World


Coclanis, Peter A. (2005). Welcome to the World. International Educator, 14(4), 46-47.


In July 28, 2004, The New York Times ran an article on China’s incredible urban boom in recent decades. One factoid included in this pieces nearly floored me: As a result of the boom, the People’s Republic of China boasted 166 cities with populations of more than 1 million. (And since the time of that article, the number of such Chinese cities has now hit 174!) The United States by way of contrast has nine. Now, I’m fairly well informed on world affairs. My research is in the area of international economic history and I do a good bit of work on Asia. At UNC-Chapel Hill I’m associate provost for international affairs, and am charged with responsibility for spearheading our international initiatives. I’ve been to China on a number of occasions, and have lectured all over that country, Nonetheless, I’d be hard pressed to name more than 25 of the 174 cities on the “million plus” list.

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International Educator


Coclanis, Peter A.