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Trends in Youth Risk for HIV


Bradshaw, Debbie; Pettifor, Audrey E.; MacPhail, Catherine Lorne; & Dorrington, Rob (2004). Trends in Youth Risk for HIV.. Ijumba, Petrida; Day, Candy; & Ntuli, Antoinette (Eds.) (pp. 135-145). Durban, South Africa: Health Systems Trust.


The promotion of equity in equity health is one of the basic ideologies underlying South African health policy. Therefore, it is befitting after ten years of democracy to gauge how far the health system has moved towards providing equitable health services to all citizens is concerned. This 2003/04 SAHR, the 9th edition, consists of an overview and 24 chapters, each describing a key health concern. Unlike many of the previous Reviews, this year’s is data driven. It uses different sources of information to measure and assess the health and well-being of South Africans quantitatively. An overview of the key achievements and challenges is given in the chapter ‘Ten years on – have we got what we ordered?

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Bradshaw, Debbie
Pettifor, Audrey E.
MacPhail, Catherine Lorne
Dorrington, Rob