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Brown, Jane D. & Schulze, L. (1990). The Effects of Race, Gender, and Fandom on Audience Interpretations of Madonna's Music Videos. Journal of Communication, 40(2), 88-102.


Aspects of this research were presented at panels at the International Communication Association meetings in New Orleans in May 1988 and at the American Studies Association conference in Miami Beach in October 1988. A number of people have contributed to the development of this research, including Cornelia Brunner, Ken Campbell, Kim Walsh Childers, Natalie Fan, Margaret Honey, Lisa Lewis, Lia Nikopolou, Suzanne Pingree, Amanda Quinby, Keith Roe, and Margaret Thompson. We also thank the Gannett Center for Media Studies, where the first author was a fellow during the data collection stage of the project, and the Center for Population Options, which provided funding for coding and keypunching.


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Journal Article

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Journal of Communication


Brown, Jane D.
Schulze, L.