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Mouw, Ted (2005). Sequences of Early Adult Transitions: A Look at Variability and Consequences.. Settersten, Richard A., Jr.; Furstenberg, Frank F., Jr.; & Rumbaut, Rubén G. (Eds.) (pp. 256-291). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


On the Frontier of Adulthood reveals a startling new fact: adulthood no longer begins when adolescence ends. A lengthy period before adulthood, often spanning the twenties and even extending into the thirties, is now devoted to further education, job exploration, experimentation in romantic relationships, and personal development. Pathways into and through adulthood have become much less linear and predictable, and these changes carry tremendous social and cultural significance, especially as institutions and policies aimed at supporting young adults have not kept pace with these changes.

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Mouw, Ted