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Kasarda, John D.; Rondinelli, Dennis A.; & Ward, John W. (1996). The Global Transpark Network: Creating an Infrastructure Support System for Agile Manufacturing. National Productivity Review, 16(1), 33-41.


In the coming century, the vitality and productivity of U.S. manufacturing will depend on the ability of corporations to compete successfully in rapidly changing global markets. Thus, a well‐planned infrastructure comprising the best in storage, transportation, telecommunications, and a host of commercial support services will have to be in place to bolster agile manufacturing
This article examines the types of infrastructure needed to support agile manufacturing by describing the North Carolina Global TransPark (GTP), a prototype project that combines all the systems that firms need to become more competitive in international markets. GTP is expected to be part of an exciting international network of 21st‐century manufacturing and transport complexes that ultimately will change the way U.S. companies compete in global markets.


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Journal Article

Year Published


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National Productivity Review


Kasarda, John D.
Rondinelli, Dennis A.
Ward, John W.