ICPSR Summer Workshops

Apr 20, 2005

In 2005 the ICPSR Summer Program will be offering two new courses of  potential interest to researchers in demography and population studies:  "The American Community Survey," and "Data Sharing and Dissemination." Both courses are 3 days in duration, are taught at the University of Michigan, and fees are waived for individuals at ICPSR member institutions. Further information about these and other ICPSR Summer Program courses can be found at www.icpsr.umich.edu/sumprog

The American Community Survey: Research Applications and Challenges August 8-10

This course is intended to present participants with an understanding of the  purpose, structure, and research applications of the American Community Survey (ACS). Similar to data products from the decennial census - including summary tabulations and Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) files  - the ACS is intended to be its replacement. ACS will provide summary  tabulations for geographic areas and microdata files each year containing demographic, social, economic, and housing data on the population of the United States. Workshop activities will be oriented toward individuals who  expect to use the ACS in their research. The first part of the workshop, presented by officials from the Census Bureau, will focus on ACS structure, content, and schedule of data releases. The second part of the workshop will concentrate on current and prospective research uses of these data and will include such topics as how ACS data are organized, how data are accessed, and special features of these new data.

Data Sharing and Dissemination: Making Your Data a Resource for Others June 1-3

Research funding arrangements, both public and private, increasingly  stipulate the development of a data sharing plan and the ultimate  distribution of public-use datasets. The purpose of this course is to  prepare those involved in research and data collection for the task of  sharing their data with the larger research community. Data producers will be introduced to the full range of relevant topics necessary to ensure that the data they produce will be prepared to make the transition from limited use within the project team to use by the larger research community as well as dissemination-ready.  Topics will include: designing and structuring variables for ease of analysis; producing longitudinal data files;  addressing disclosure limitation; developing effective documentation and the Data Documentation Initiative; creating an effective user guide;  establishing quality control measures for public-use data; qualitative data; analyzing data through online analysis systems; developing data  sharing plans for restricted-use data; IRBs and data dissemination;  publicizing data availability; and preserving data in perpetuity.

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