Penn State Symposium, Oct 5-6, 2006

Apr 3, 2006

Intergenerational dependent care will be the focus of Penn State's 14th annual Symposium on Family Issues, October 5-6, 2006.
"Caring and Exchange Within and Across Generations" will be addressed by 16 of the top scholars in sociology, economics, demography, human development, and gerontology from major institutions.  The symposium is innovative for the integration of perspectives from multiple social sciences as well as for addressing policy implications. The intent of the symposium is to consider factors that account for variation and change in relationships within and among generations, the strengths and weaknesses of existing information that can be used to understand change in inter- and intra-generational relationships, and implications for social policies, in light of the dramatic changes in family composition. 
Lead speakers will include Kathleen McGarry (Economics, UCLA), Donald Cox (Economics, Boston College), Karl Pillemer (Human Development, Cornell), and Steven Nock (Sociology, U. of Virginia). Information and registration can be found at or contact Carolyn Scott (814)863-6806,

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