Fayetteville Observer highlights importance of National Children's Study

Oct 15, 2008

The National Children's Study will include Cumberland County, North Carolina, where Fayetteville is located. Here is an excerpt from the Fayetteville Observer article about the value of the study.

"The National Children's Study is to most other studies what a video is to a snapshot. On a given day, a snapshot-type study can provide a sharp and accurate image of a healthy young person. There's a lot to be said for snapshots. The video-type study, however, can capture not only that moment, but any other moment in the subject's life -- during the emergence of a heart problem, for example, or a weight gain or some other precursor of diabetes. It can "pan" from one point of concern to another without losing the thread of the person's life. And when problems arise, the study can backtrack in search of causes, whether genetic, man-made or environmental." (In focus: Long-range study of children can do no harm and much good. Fayetteville Observer (October 12, 2008 ed.). Fayetteville, N. C.)

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