2004-05 Program on Latent Variable Models in the Social Sciences

Aug 26, 2004

Latent variables are widespread in the social sciences. Whether it is intelligence or socioeconomic status, many variables cannot be directly measured. Factor analysis, latent class analysis, structural equation models, error-in-variable models, and item response theory illustrate models that incorporate latent variables. This SAMSI program will take a broad look at latent variables and measurement error. Issues of causality, multilevel models, longitudinal data, and categorical variables in latent variable models are examples of the SAMSI topics for this program.

To inquire about participation in the program as a fellow, go to Visiting Employment Opportunities.

To inquire about participation as a long-term visitor or in workshops, contact the program leaders or write to socsci@samsi.info

Program Leaders: Kenneth A. Bollen (Chair), James J. Heckman, Alan F. Karr, and Susan A. Murphy For more information, visit the SAMSI web site.

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