CPC Fellow Barry Popkin comments on red meat consumption in news

Mar 24, 2009

CPC Fellow and the Carla Smith Chamblee Distinguished Professor of Global Nutrition Barry Popkin discusses the environmental impact of consuming red meat.

"'We've promoted a diet that has added excessively to global warming,' Popkin said in an interview." (Johnson, C. K. (2009). Study: Lots of red meat increases mortality risk, Associated Press (March 23, 2009 ed.))

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In an ABC news item, Popkin says, "Eating less meat has other benefits ... and governments should start promoting this. For instance, farming animals for meat causes greenhouse gas emissions that warm the atmosphere and uses fresh water in excess." (Fox, M. (2009). Red meat raises risk of all kinds of death: Study, ABC News (March 24, 2009 ed.).)

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Both of the preceding articles refer to a recently published editorial by Popkin in Archives of Internal Medicine:

Popkin, Barry M. 2009. Reducing Meat Consumption Has Multiple Benefits for the World's Health [editorial]. Archives of Internal Medicine 169, no. 6: 543-5.

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