Update to Login Services for all of www.cpc.unc.edu at noon today

Aug 29, 2011

A planned migration of user website login account data to UNC's Active Directory has been delayed several times during the last few weeks. However, we will perform this at noon today. The outcome will be as follows:

  • Users with onyens will continue to login with their onyen
  • All other users will have a new "guest account". (NOTE: We're only migrating ~2300 of over 15000 accounts since the other 13000 didn't receive any special privileges / benefits from their login account.)
    • Existing users will have a new user/login name (starts with "cpc_") that I have assigned.
    • Existing users will need to change/reset their password
    • Existing users will receive an email around noon with their new username and how to reset their password
  • The login form also includes links to recover your username and reset your password
  • New users can self-register / create an account and choose their cpc_ username.
  • Users will be able to use this same login account for our web server, UNC's SharePoint services, and more

During the deploy today, users will need be logged out and will need to login with their new account (no change for onyen login) and may have to wait up to one hour while special privileges are automatically associated with their new account. If necessary, we can manually grant the privileges to the new account if needed sooner during the process (e.g., to update a website).

Please let me know if you would like to discuss this further.


Ed Van Duinen
Head, Web Services
Carolina Population Center
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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