After China relaxes the One Child Policy, TIME, Wall Street Journal, & Associated Press feature research by CPC Fellow Cai

Nov 22, 2013

On Nov. 15, Chinese government officials announced that the One Child Policy will be relaxed. For years, Yong Cai has advocated for this change. His research has shown that China has a low fertility rate not because of the One Child Policy but because of economic and cultural factors. Cai is a Faculty Fellow of the Carolina Population Center and an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Recent news media stories that reference Cai's research:

Why China Needs More Children (subscription required)
TIME Magazine cover story by Hannah Beech (Dec. 02)

China, the World's Most Populous Nation, Needs More Children
TIME Magazine by Hannah Beech (Nov. 21)

Easing of China policy may not result in baby boom
The News & Observer/Associated Press by Didi Tang (Nov. 16)

China's New Child Policy Leaves Many Questions
Wall Street Journal by Carl Bialik (Nov. 15)

Calculating Shift to What May Really Be 1.5-Child Policy: Impact of Relaxation Made Harder to Gauge by Lack of Data on Births Now (subscription required)
Wall Street Journal by Carl Bialik (Nov. 15)

Recent scholarly articles by Yong Cai that examine this topic (may require a subscription):

In 2010, Cai was the focus of a Carolina Population Center feature story.

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