Sessions by CPC researchers at the Population Association of America Annual Meeting, May 1-3

Mar 7, 2014

The Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America will be held May 1-3, 2014 at the Marriott Copley Place in Boston. Listed below are the sessions presented by CPC faculty fellows, postdoctoral scholars, predoctoral and undergraduate trainees, and staff members. The titles link to the session abstract on the PAA Annual Meeting website. Names of faculty fellows are linked to their CPC profile page.

Adair, Linda (CPC Fellow)

Barrington, Clare (CPC Fellow)

Bilsborrow, Richard (CPC Fellow)

Bloom, Shelah S. (CPC Fellow)

Boen, Courtney (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Bollen, Kenneth (CPC Fellow)

Buher Kane, Jennifer (CPC Postdoctoral Scholar)

Curtis, Sian (CPC Fellow)

Dake, Fidelia (CPC Visiting Scholar)

Davis, Jason (CPC Postdoctoral Scholar)

Emch, Michael (CPC Fellow)

Entwisle, Barbara (CPC Fellow)

Fleming, Paul J. (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Gandhi, Anisha (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Gerken, Karen (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Goldberg, Shoshana K. (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Gray, Clark (CPC Fellow)

Guilkey, David (CPC Fellow)

Guo, Guang (CPC Fellow)

Hagan, Jacqueline (CPC Fellow)

Halpern, Carolyn Tucker (CPC Fellow)

Harris, Kathleen Mullan (CPC Fellow)

Herring, Amy H. (CPC Fellow)

Hopper, Lorenzo N. (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Janko, Mark (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Jennings, Elyse (CPC Postdoctoral Scholar)

Levy, Brian L. (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Liu, Hexuan (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Mandal, Mahua (CPC Project Staff)

Martinez-Schuldt, Ricardo D. (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Morgan, S. Philip (CPC Fellow & Director)

Mouw, Ted (CPC Fellow)

Okigbo, Chinelo (CPC Graduate Research Assistant)

Pearce, Lisa D. (CPC Fellow)

Perez, Anthony D. (CPC Fellow)

Perreira, Krista (CPC Fellow)

Pettifor, Audrey (CPC Fellow)

Richardson, Liana J. (CPC Fellow)

Rindfuss, Ronald R. (CPC Fellow)

Roberts, Cheryl (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Robinson, Whitney (CPC Fellow)

Rosenberg, Molly S. (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Schorpp, Kristen M. (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Seamans, Marissa (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Spees, Lisa (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Speizer, Ilene S. (CPC Fellow)

Spencer, John (CPC Project Staff)

Thach, Nga (CPC Former Undergraduate Trainee)

Thirumurthy, Harsha (CPC Fellow)

Thompson, Amanda (CPC Fellow)

Tippett, Rebecca (CPC Research Services Staff)

Tumlinson, Katherine (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Verdery, Ashton M. (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Wassink, Joshua (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Xu, Zhenhua (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)

Yang, Yang Claire (CPC Fellow)

Zanatta Coutinho, Raquel (CPC Predoctoral Trainee)


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