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Richard E. Bilsborrow


Ph.D., Research Professor, Biostatistics; Adjunct Professor, Departments of City and Regional Planning, Economics and Geography, and Curriculum in Ecology

CPC Office: 211 W Cameron Ave, Room 209
CPC Phone Number: (919) 962-3639

Dr. Bilsborrow's Curriculum Vitae

Richard Bilsborrow is an economist-demographer with extensive experience in population and development issues in developing countries. He has a PhD in Economics from the University of Michigan and a Certificate in Demography from Princeton University where he was a postdoc. Recent research has focused on the linkages among demographic processes, development, and the environment. In 1997-98 he was a Hofstee Fellow at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute in The Hague. He has consulted widely with governments of developing countries, United Nations agencies, and environmental organizations on population, international migration, development (including poverty measurement), and environmental issues, and contributed bibliography and case studies to the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo (1994) and the World Summit in Johannesburg (2002). Current research projects include (1) demographic and other factors influencing land-use and deforestation and implications for the environment and sustainable development, notably in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon; (2) determinants and consequences of internal migration in developing nations, and linkages with development and the environment; and (3) methodological aspects of designing, conducting and analyzing surveys on international migration in the Middle East, CIS States and Sub-Saharan Africa with the World Bank. Bilsborrow teaches courses on demographic techniques and on economic development, population dynamics, and the environment.

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