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Barbara Entwisle


Ph.D., Kenan Distinguished Professor, Sociology
Vice Chancellor for Research

CPC Office: 206 W Franklin St, Room 239
CPC Phone Number: (919) 962-6125

Campus Office: South Bldg, Room 312
Campus Phone Number: (919) 962-1319

Dr. Entwisle's Curriculum Vitae

Barbara Entwisle is a social demographer interested in the social context of demographic and health behavior. Her current research is divided into two sets of projects. In one set of projects, based in Northeast Thailand, she is investigating demographic responses to rapid social change, migration and social networks, and the interrelationships between population and environment. In the other set, she is building on her experience leading the North Carolina vanguard components of the National Children's Study, a large longitudinal study of how social, behavioral, community, and environmental factors affect human health and development.

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Information updated on 4/24/2014