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Demography Daze 2015 Folder
Identity Categories and Identity Construction in Demographic Research Event
Linking Microfinance and Cell Phone Technology to Promote Optimal Breastfeeding Practices in Nigeria Event
An Overview of Instrumental Variables (IVs) in the Social Sciences Event
The Perils of Precarity: The Impacts of Insecure Work on Individuals and Families in Industrial Societies Event
No Control Group, No Problem? Using Natural Experiments to Evaluate National-Level Nutrition Initiatives in the U.S. and Mexico Event
Longitudinal and Multilevel Methods for the Multinomial Logit Model Event
Early Environments, Inflammation, and the Perpetuation of Health Disparities within and Across Generations Event
The Far-Reaching Impact of Job Loss and Unemployment Event
Competing Risk Data Analysis Event
Selection In Utero and Quality of Surviving Males in Historical and Modern Societies Event
The Theory of Change and Response: A New Agenda for Research on Population and Development in Africa Event
New Methods for Soliciting Responses to Sensitive Questions: Evidence from Adolescent Surveys in Ethiopia Event
Psychosocial Influences on Clinical Outcomes Among Adults Living with HIV Event
MEASURE Evaluation: The Next Five Years Event
Economic Boom, Population Aging, and Policy Shift: What’s Ahead for China? Event
The Demography of Natural Disasters: What Can We Learn from DesInventar? Event
Compression of Morbidity: Change over Time in the Morbidity Process Event
Incorporating Geographic Context into Randomized Controlled Trials: The Case of the Oral Cholera Vaccine Event
Environmental Contaminants and Inequality in Chronic Disease Morbidity: Arsenic and Cardiometabolic Risk Event
Social, Biological, and Environmental Linkages Event
Intergenerational Socioeconomic and Cultural Determinants of Latino Health: The NINOS Study Event
Flash Presentations Event
[Sep 11, 2015] Dr. Duncan Thomas, Mexicans in America Event
CPCseminar DuncanThomas SEPT11.pdf File
[Sep 18, 2015] Dr. Klara Peter, The German Occupation of the Soviet Union in WWII: The Long-Term Effects on Health Outcomes Event
[Sep 25, 2015] Dr. Valerie Mueller, The Migration Climate-Nexus in Central America Event
[Nov 13, 2015] Dr. Jason Boardman, Summarizing Interactions between People, Places, and Genes Event
[Oct 09, 2015] Dr. Anastasia (Stacey) Gage, Child Marriage Prevention in Amhara Region, Ethiopia: Association of Communication Exposure and Social Influence with Parents/Guardians’ Knowledge and Attitudes Event
[Oct 23, 2015] Dr. Luca Flabbi, Do Female Executives Make a Difference? The Impact of Female Leadership on Gender Gaps and Firm Performance Event
[Oct 02, 2015] Panel Discussion, The Unrealized Horrors of Population Explosion Event
[Oct 30, 2015] Dr. Clare Barrington, CPC Research Methods Series: Stories and Themes: A Framework for Qualitative Analysis Event
[Nov 06, 2015] Dr. Kris Marsh, The Interrelationship between the Status of Singlehood and the Long-term Implications for Racial and Economic Inequality Event
[Nov 20, 2015] Dr. Amy Herring and Dr. Annie Green Howard, CPC Research Methods Series: Cleaning Up After Missing Data: Pitfalls and Priorities Event
[Jan 15, 2016] Dr. Daniel Schneider, Fertility and the Great Recession Event
[Jan 22, 2016] Dr. Siân Curtis, Household Decision-making, Gender and Groundnuts in Zambia Event
[Jan 29, 2016] Dr. Christy Avery, Using Genomics to Prevent Adverse Drug Reactions in Global Populations Event
[Feb 4, 2016] Dr. Lawrence Haddad, Can We Really End Malnutrition by 2030?: The Case For and Against Event
[Feb 12, 2016] Dr. Jill Stewart, The Impact of Intensive Livestock Production on the Disease Ecology of Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus Event
[Feb 19, 2016] Dr. Tod Hamilton, Selective Migration and the Health of Black Immigrants in the United States Event
[Feb 26, 2016] Dr. Ashu Handa, Global Estimates of Children’s and Young Person’s Food Insecurity using the Gallup World Poll Event
[Mar 4, 2016] Dr Audrey Pettifor, Cash Transfers to Prevent HIV Infection: State of the Evidence and Implications for Programs Event
[Apr 8, 2016] Dr. Jenifer Van Hook, Dietary Acculturation among Mexican-origin Children Event
[Apr 15, 2016] Dr. Francesco Billari, On the Road to Success? The Intergenerational Transmission of Disadvantage through the Transition to Adulthood Event
[Apr 22, 2016] Dr. Ted Mouw, The Effect of Ethnic Enclaves on Job Matching and Wage Growth: Evidence using Co-worker and City of Birth Networks in the LEHD Event
[Sept 9, 2016] Dr. Elisabeth Root, Health Systems Decentralization in Rural Honduras: Little Evidence for Improvements in Maternal and Child Health Event
[Sept 16, 2016] Dr. Jane Fruehwirth, Religion and Depression in Adolescence Event
[Sept 23, 2016] Dr. Joanna Maselko, Does Changing the Social Environment in Early Childhood Matter? Emerging Causal Evidence from Pakistan Event
[Oct 7, 2016] Dr. Siân Curtis, Do food security interventions benefit women?: Gender and groundnuts in Zambia Event
[Sept 30, 2016] Dr. Melinda Mills, A sociogenomic approach to fertility: combining demography, sociology and molecular genetics Event
[Oct 14, 2016] Dr. Ilene Speizer and Dr. David Guilkey, The Individual’s Choice of Facility for Maternal Health and Family Planning Services in a Dense Urban Environment: The Case of Senegal Event
[Oct 28, 2016] Dr. Susan Short, Sex, Gender, and Health Event
[Nov 4, 2016] Dr. Robert Crosnoe, Mothers, Children, and Child Care in the U.S. Event
[Nov 11, 2016] Dr. Clare Barrington, Mixed Methods in Population Research Event
[Nov 18, 2016] Dr. Amy Tsui, Contraception, a Social Vaccine: Part I Event
[Dec 2, 2016] Dr. Dan Belsky, Quantification of Biological Aging Event
[Oct 26, 2016] Who's Moving In Who's Moving Out? Event
[Jan 13, 2017] The CPC legacy: integration of biological and social perspectives on health Event
Fall 2016 Interdisciplinary Research Seminars Collection
[Jan 27, 2017] Residential segregation, political power, and preterm birth in the U.S. 2008-2010 Event
[Feb 10, 2017] Exemptions from Childhood Vaccination Requirements: A Geographic Analysis Event
[Feb 17, 2017] Friends, genes, and schools: Evidence from Add Health Event
[Feb 24, 2017] Farmer Cognitive Function and Agricultural Productivity Among Farmers in Bahia, Brazil Event
[Mar 2, 2017] Demographic Trends in sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Family Planning Programs Event
[Mar 24, 2017] Race, Nativity, Aging & Health: Critical Demography and Life Course Perspectives Event
[Mar 31, 2017] Machine Learning in Population Research Event
[Apr 7, 2017] Demographic Dynamics and Population Responses to Varying Natural Hazard Exposures Across the U.S., 1970-2014 Event
[Apr 21, 2017] Population, Health, and Environment Transitions in the Developing World Event
[Sept 8, 2017] A Cautionary Tale about Parental Involvement in Children's Schooling: How Parental Involvement Really Works Event
[Sept 15, 2017] Uncovering the Various Dimensions of Nutritional Disparities: Innovative Approaches and Public Health Implications Event
[Sept 22, 2017] 300 Million Test Scores and What Do We Know? Educational Opportunity and Inequality in the US Event
[Oct 6, 2017] Activity Spaces and Youth Development: Preliminary Findings from the Adolescent Health and Development in Context Study Event
[Sept 29, 2017] Of Men and Microbes: Social Determinants of the Microbiome Event
[Oct 13, 2017] Analyzing Longitudinal Qualitative Data: Stories of How and Why Event
[Oct 27, 2017] Mother's Employment Patterns and Consequences for Adolescent Outcomes Event
[Nov 3, 2017] Data Collection for Network Sampling Approaches for Rare and Hard to Reach Populations: Lessons Learned Event
[Nov 17, 2017] From ‘Opt Out’ to Blocked Out: The Challenges for Labor Market Re-Entry After Family-Related Employment Lapses Event
[Nov 10, 2017] Framing the HIV Response For Those Most at Risk: The Granularity Challenge Event
[Dec 1, 2017] When Should Researchers Use Inferential Statistics When Analyzing Data on Full Populations? Event
fall 2017 seminar brochure.pdf File
[Jan 12, 2018] Integrating Behavior, Biology and Environment to Study Complex Pathways from Urbanization to Health Event
[Jan 19, 2018] Beyond Discrimination: Why Vigilance Matters for Population Health Event
[Jan 26, 2018] Considering the linkages between climate and health: A focus on women and children's health in sub-Saharan Africa Event
[Feb 2, 2018] Stress and mental health in humanitarian crises: A biosocial approach to program evaluation with Syrian refugees Event
[Feb 9, 2018] Surviving the Epidemic: Families and Well-Being, Malawi 1998—2013 Event
[Feb 16, 2018] Are CPCers Overweight(ing)? Event
[Feb 23, 2018] Gender, Sexuality, Stigma and Population Health Event
[Mar 2, 2018] AIDS: An Epidemic of Uncertainty Event
[Mar 23, 2018] Planning Racial Inequality Event
[Apr 6, 2018] The Battle Over Reproductive Rights in Texas: Did Research Matter? Event

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