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Access the new Add Health Codebook Explorer (ACE) to search for questions administered in the In-School and In-Home Interviews

Interested in browsing the Add Health In-School and In-Home interviews for questions related to a specific topic, or quickly discovering whether questions were administered across multiple waves of interviews?

The Add Health Codebook Explorer (ACE) allows you to view questions asked of respondents, parents, and interviewers during the In-School and In-Home interviews in Waves I through IV of The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health*.  You can use ACE to browse by topic or search for questions by variable name, keyword, or phrase in order to discover the rich volume of data collected by Add Health. The questions are organized by topic, subtopic, and variable. Collections of variables were constructed specifically for this site to show similar questions asked across several waves of data collection and do not represent grouping for research purposes.

Don’t forget to view the ACE Instructions before searching and browsing, as following the instructions will ensure that you maximize your results.

* The questions included in ACE are from the In-School and In-Home interviews.  There are many other datasets available; please visit our Restricted-Use Dataset Descriptions and Codebooks page for a complete list of available Add Health data, including contextual and biological data.