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Today, the Carolina Population Center launches a new service for communities throughout North Carolina. Called Carolina Demography, this program translates demographic data into specific, usable information about population change to inform decision making, planning, and program evaluation.

Like the rest of the country, North Carolina is experiencing significant demographic shifts: growing Hispanic and Asian populations, looming impacts of population aging, and widening disparities between urban and rural counties. How will these changes affect future needs for schools, health clinics, housing, and transportation?

Carolina Demography, based at UNC’s Carolina Population Center, can help answer these questions.

“The Carolina Population Center is the premiere population research center in the world,” said CPC director S. Philip Morgan. “For nearly 50 years, we have specialized in population research. We currently have over 60 faculty affiliates providing insight into population dynamics in more than 85 countries. In recent years, however, we have done little to directly serve the state of North Carolina. I am excited to launch Carolina Demography to help meet significant and ongoing needs in the state.”

Carolina Demography harnesses CPC’s extensive resources to provide high quality research consulting to businesses, foundations, government agencies, schools, not-for-profit organizations, and many more who need to better understand their communities and environments. Carolina Demography offers a wide range of services, including custom population estimates and projections at the state, regional, or local level; mapping and spatial analysis; and workshops and training.

The Carolina Demography program is headed by Rebecca Tippett, Ph.D. Prior to coming to UNC, Tippett managed the production of population estimates and population projections at the Demographics Research Group at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“My experience as an applied demographer has shown me how eager people are to understand their communities and make informed decisions,” said Tippett. “I am thrilled to join such a talented and dynamic team at the Carolina Population Center to help extend their expertise throughout the state.”

She added, “Understanding population changes and what they mean for the future is necessary and important for effective planning and informed policy. We’re here to help.”

For more information see the Carolina Demography website:

Contact Rebecca Tippett,, (919) 966-2829