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Carolina Population Center Statement on Nikole Hannah-Jones

June 22, 2021

The Carolina Population Center urges the UNC Board of Trustees to review and approve Nikole Hannah-Jones’ appointment as a tenured faculty member at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. We and many other faculty, students, staff, and alumni are deeply concerned by the treatment of Nikole Hannah-Jones’ appointment. We call on the Board of Trustees to begin repairing the damage created by the handling of this case and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom. We strongly agree with Mimi Chapman, Chair of the Faculty at UNC, who wrote that “faculty voice must govern the tenure process for academic integrity to have meaning”.


Elizabeth Frankenberg, Director, Carolina Population Center; Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Sociology
Linda Adair, Professor, Nutrition
Paul Delamater, Associate Professor, Geography
Robert Hummer, Howard W. Odum Distinguished Professor of Sociology
Abigail Haydon, Training Manager, Alumna of Maternal and Child Health PhD, 2011
Melody Kramer, Director of Communications
Shu Wen Ng, Associate Professor
Barbara Entwisle, CPC Fellow and Kenan Distinguished Professor
Joanna Maselko, Associate Professor
Ilene Speizer, Research Professor, Maternal and Child Health and Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center
Jessica Su, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Kavita Singh Ongechi, Associate Professor
Clark Gray, Associate Professor of Geography
Kenneth Bollen, H. R. Immerwahar Distinguished Professor, Carolina Population Center, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, Department of Sociology
Barry Popkin, W. R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor
Kathleen Mullan Harris, James Haar Distinguished Professor of Sociology
Keely Muscatell, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology & Neuroscience, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, Carolina Population Center
Reed DeAngelis, Doctoral student in Sociology
Mekhala Dissanayake, PhD Student, Epidemiology
Lisa D. Pearce, CPC Fellow and Zachary Taylor Smith Distinguished Term Professor of Sociology
Khristopher Nicholas, PhD Candidate, Nutrition
Marissa Hall, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Behavior
Arne Kalleberg, Kenan Professor of Sociology
Alexis Dennis, PhD Candidate in Sociology and Alumna (’11, ’14)
Sharon S Weir, Carolina Population Center & Dept of Epidemiology
Lindsey Smith Taillie, Assistant Professor
Carmen Gutierrez, Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Zack Fisher, Postdoctoral Fellow
Cassandra R. Davis, Research Professor
Emily Busey, Research Associate, Global Food Research Program
Carmen Prestemon, Research Assistant
Jane Fruehwirth, Associate Professor of Economics, CPC Fellow
Isabella Higgens, Research Project Manager
Emily Duffy, Doctoral Student, Department of Nutrition
Melissa Lam-McCarthy, Project Coordinator
Kate Brandt, Doctoral Student, Geography
Denise Mitchell, Graduate student and Predoctoral Trainee
Sarah Frank, PhD Candidate
Jessica Ostrowski, Research Associate
Courtney McGuire, Research Associate, CPC
Bridget Hollingsworth, Global Food Research Program Project Manager
Chantel Martin, Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology
Paul Leslie, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and CPC Fellow, UNC-CH
Rebecca Tippett, Director of Carolina Demography
Alice Cartwright, PhD Student, Maternal and Child Health, Predoctoral Trainee, Carolina Population Center
Katherine LeMasters, Epidemiology PhD student
Kate Weisshaar, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Janine Barden-O’Fallon, Research Associate and Assistant Professor
Penny Gordon-Larsen, CPC Fellow and Distinguished Professor of Nutrition
Lexie Groner, Research Administrator
Peggy Bentley, Distinguished Professor Emeritus Nutrition
Ian Hoyt-McCullough, Web Developer
Lizzy Simmons, PhD Student, Maternal and Child Health; Predoctoral Trainee, Carolina Population Center
Ann Suk, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Allison Frost, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Leigh Ann Van Acker, Research Administrator
Michael Case, Research Development and Administration
Maxime Bercholz, Research Associate, Global Food Research Program
Jon Hussey, Clinical Assistant Professor
Huyen Vu, Research staff, Carolina Population Center
Ann Fitzgerald, Research Associate
Angela Parcesepe, Faculty Fellow, Carolina Population Center
Rachel Wilbur, Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology
Allison Aiello, Professor, Epidemiology
Donald Wayne Hoover, KM Specialist
Leonela Munoz Connolly, Research Assistant
Elizabeth Wilkes, Technical Specialist
Lavanya Gupta, Research Associate
Alejandro Vazquez, Assistant Project Manager, Add Health
Taylor Hargrove, Assistant Professor of Sociology and CPC Faculty Fellow
Richard Bilsborrow, Research Professor, Biostatistics
Rebecca Oser, Senior Director of Communications, TB-DIAH Project
Stephanie Hernandez, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sarah Catherine Dean, Project Manager, Add Health
Tamar Goldenberg, Postdoctoral Fellow
Rae Anne M. Martinez, Epidemiology PhD Student
Esther Chung, PhD student, Epidemiology
Bridgit Adamou, Research Associate
Audrey Pereira, PhD Student in Public Policy & CPC Predoctoral Trainee
Fatima Touma, Doctoral Student in Sociology
Douglas Lee Lauen, Professor
Klara Peter, Associate Professor, Economics
Victoria Shelus, Predoctoral trainee
Michelle Green Perry, Research Associate
Carolyn T Halpern, Professor & Chair, Maternal and Child Health; CPC Faculty Fellow
Anneliese Long, PhD student
Deshira Wallace, Postdoctoral Fellow
Rene Iwo, Predoctoral Trainee and Research Assistant
Tonia Poteat, Associate Professor
Allan Christman, Systems Analyst
Sean Sylvia, Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management
Fenaba Addo, Associate Professor
Cyrus Sinai, PhD student, UNC Department of Geography
Alyssa Browne, Pre-doctoral trainee
Jennifer Winston, Research Associate
Natalia Rebolledo Fuentealba, Graduate Research Assistant – Global Food Research Program
Paula Griffiths, Professor of Population Health, School of Sport Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University, Alumna of Carolina Population Center
Emma Labovitz, CPC Predoctoral Fellow
Amanda Thompson, Professor
Yong Cai, Associate Professor, Sociology
Lisa Calhoun, Research Associate
Ryan McCord, Project Manager
Sophia Bartels , Doctoral Student, Health Behavior
Elizabet Ordoñez, Former Carolina Demography Intern
Caroline Jackson, Research Assistant
Karl Bauman, Department of Health Behavior, Professor Emeritus
Audrey Pettifor, Professor, Department of Epidemiology
Isha Padhye, CPC Student Intern
Rebecca Cox Stebbins, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Brooke Staley, Ph.D. Student, Department of Epidemiology
Krista M. Perreira, Professor of Social Medicine
Hsiao-Chuan Tien PhD
Haley Simons, Undergraduate Student
Zoe Nichols, EPPSA Student Researcher
Glen H. Elder Jr., Howard Odum Distinguished Research Professor of Sociology – CPC Fellow
Margaret Sheridan, Associate Professor
Lori Delaney, Director of Research Communications & Library Services, Carolina Population Center
Elijah Watson, Doctoral Student, Northwestern University; Alum of the Undergraduate Internship