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CPC Fellow Hargrove receives Matilda White ESI Award

June 25, 2019

Dr. Hargrove, an Assistant Professor of Sociology, looks at intersecting social inequalities and BMI trajectories from adolescence to early adulthood.

CPC Faculty Fellow Taylor Hargrove has received a NIH Matilda White Early Stage Investigator Award and was honored at the NIH on June 6, 2019. Dr. Hargrove won the paper competition for her submission, “Intersecting social inequalities and body mass index trajectories from adolescence to early adulthood.”

Dr. Hargrove’s research program examines how and why social inequalities in health unfold across the life course, focusing on racial/ethnic, skin color, gender, and socioeconomic disparities. She is currently engaged in research that explores linkages among neighborhood contexts, individual-level characteristics, and biological measures of health in early adulthood. Hargrove plans to continue this line of research in efforts to help elucidate the pathways through which social factors “get under our skin” to shape health and undergird social stratification.

Dr. Hargrove is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at UNC and a former CPC Postdoctoral Scholar.