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Mar 7, 2005

The Data Sharing for Demographic Research project began at the end of last summer
as a partnership of NICHD with ICPSR and the Population Studies Center at the
University of Michigan, the Carolina Population Center, and the Minnesota Population
Center. The goal of the Data Sharing project is to assist data producers and data
users in all tasks associated with sharing the data produced and used by the
demographic community.

The project has a web site at Amy Pienta of ICPSR
is serving as project manager this year. Beginning in September of 2005, Felicia LeClere
(currently a faculty member at Notre Dame) will take over as project manager. Myron P.
Gutmann is the project PI, working with Barbara Entwisle of UNC, Steve Ruggles of
Minnesota, and Christine Bachrach of NICHD.

The Data Sharing project will have an exhibit at PAA 2005 in Philadelphia at the end
of this month. If you have specific questions about the services that the project
offers, please set up appointments in advance. To make an appointment, please send
email to Russel Hathaway at, or call him at 734.615.4979.