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Kathleen Mullan Harris Talks About Her Congressional Testimony on Life Expectancy (IAPHS)

In Places Like Rural NC, ‘Deaths Of Despair’ And Education Level Lead To Decline In Life Expectancy (Kathleen Mullan Harris, WFAE)

‘I Won’t Feel Safe Until We’re All Safe’: How An Epidemiologist Is Coping With A ‘Moving Target’ (Whitney Robinson, WUNC)

Justin Lessler on, WTSP Tampa, Boston 25 News,

Fenaba Addo advised Washington Monthly on their college rankings.

UNC-Chapel Hill professor maps likelihood of meeting someone with COVID in your neighborhood (Paul Delamater, WRAL)

Fires and floods sweep the globe (Elizabeth Frankenberg, The Well)

On August 16, PAA President Dr. Robert A. Hummer participated in a listening session (Listening Session 10: Advocates for Research on Neurology and Mental Health) that the White House Office and Science Technology Policy (OSTP) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of the Director sponsored to solicit input from the scientific research community regarding President Biden’s proposed Advanced Research Projects Agency-Health (ARPA-H). Read more.

NC at a crossroads in dealing with water quality challenges (Carolina Demography, Coastal Review)

Complicated but ‘real’: NC is more diverse than it was in 2010, census shows (Carolina Demography)

Human, Swine Waste Pose Dual Threats to Water Quality After Flooding (Jill Scott, NC State News)