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The following data are now available to Add Health contract researchers.
Wave V Contextual Despair
This contextual data set focuses on the social, political, and resource environment of Add Health respondents at the tract, county, and state level that are relevant to the prevailing causes of death in midlife – namely alcohol-related diseases, drug overdoses and accidental poisonings, and suicide and self-inflicted harm. Most measures are specific to Wave V residential location, though several measures span multiple waves. Measures include the sociodemographic and segregation context, proximity to firearms distributors and alcohol outlets, opioid dispensing, and policies related to alcohol, drugs, and firearms. N=20,745, v=266s 
Current Add Health investigators can log in to the CPC Data Portal and use the “Request More Data” button to order these datasets.

For more information on the CPC Data Portal, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page