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Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey – HSE data is now available via Dataverse

Data from the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey – Higher School of Economics (RLMS-HSE) is now available for researchers to access via Dataverse. The RLMS-HSE is a series of nationally representative surveys designed to monitor the effects of Russian reforms on the health and economic welfare of households and individuals in the Russian Federation. Since 1994, the project has been run jointly by the Carolina Population Center, headed by Barry M. Popkin, and the ZAO Demoscope team jointly with the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, headed by Polina Kozyreva and Mikhail Kosolapov.

Archiving the RLMS-HSE data in Dataverse has several benefits: the data is now available to researchers without requiring an application, the visibility of the RLMS-HSE data will be increased, and more researchers will be encouraged to use the data.

UNC’s Dataverse collection is hosted by The Odum Institute. Dataverse is a “federated” system in which data are archived and preserved at multiple institutions worldwide, ensuring long-term access to the data.

CPC’s Dataverse network includes data from other longitudinal studies conducted by CPC:

–  National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health)

–  Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey

–  MEASURE Evaluation

Efforts are underway to archive data from the China Health and Nutrition Survey.

The RLMS-HSE data are available from:

For additional information, please contact Lori Delaney ( or 919-962-6157) or Phil Bardsley ( or 919-962-6149).