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Annie Green Howard
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biostatistics
Curriculum Vitae
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Annie Green Howard is interested in the development and application of statistical modeling approaches, with a substantive focus on obesity and cardiometabolic disease. She specializes in using longitudinal models and latent variables to study the integration of biology, behavior and environment in relation to health outcomes

Dr. Annie Green Howard received a Bachelor's Degree with honors in Mathematics and History from Furman University, and a PhD in Biostatistics from UNC-CH. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics.

Dr. Howard's research focuses on methodological advances to model the complex biosocial pathways, with a focus on longitudinal, population datasets. A central theme of her research has been studying the integration of biology, behavior and environment in relation to obesity and cardiometabolic disease specifically including factors as diverse as microbiota, metabolomics, genes, social factors, and access to healthcare. In addition, she has considerable expertise in high-dimensional exposure modeling, longitudinal and multilevel modeling, multivariate, pathway and structural equation modeling and missing data.

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