Donna Gilleskie


Ph.D., Professor, Economics

Campus Office: Gardner Hall, Room 06B
Campus Phone Number: (919) 966-5372

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Donna Gilleskie considers her research interests to be a mixture of health economics, labor economics, and applied econometrics. Her work generally involves observations over time, theory-driven modeling of dynamic behaviors, and the use of rigorous empirical approaches to explore health and labor supply decisions and outcomes of individuals. Donna is currently working with Add Health data to understand simultaneous friendship and smoking decisions of teens. She is also working with the Framingham Heart Survey data to revisit morbidity and mortality gains of smoking cessation using this long term panel dataset and to study how adult offspring smoking behavior and subjective health expectations vary with elder parent smoking behavior and health outcomes. Gilleskie is using NLSY data to study the effect of health (BMI) on productivity (wages) of prime-age individuals. She has recently received funding from NIMHD to study the interrelated relationships among the criminal justice system, the welfare system, and the labor market to evaluate how they impact health disparities. This transdisciplinary work is with researchers from the UNC Schools of Nursing and Social Work.

Primary Research Areas:

  • Population Health

Information updated on 1/12/2018

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