Barbara Entwisle


Ph.D., Kenan Distinguished Professor, Sociology

CPC Office: 123 W Franklin St, Room 2177
CPC Phone Number: (919) 962-6125

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Dr. Barbara Entwisle was Vice Chancellor for Research at UNC-CH for five years (2011-2016); her office supported the university’s research mission with a special emphasis on encouraging interdisciplinary activities. Entwisle served as CPC Director for eight years (2002-2010) and as CPC’s Training Program Director for six of those years (2002-2008). Entwisle has resumed her role as CPC’s Training Director (2017-date).

Entwisle studies social context and demographic and health behavior and outcomes. Her recent research has focused on two sets of projects. The first examines the demographic responses to rapid social change, migration and social networks, and the interrelationships between population and environment in Northeast Thailand. With Rindfuss and Walsh, she has explored population growth (mainly through migration) and land use change in a variety of ways. With Rindfuss and others, she has described and demonstrated the importance of variability in the structure of village-based networks. She has synthesized these and other results to build agent-based models of household dynamics and land use change. These models are innovative in that they incorporate social ties and networks as fully endogenous elements. They provide considerable insight into the interconnectedness of demographic processes.

The other major project Entwisle led in the past several years was two North Carolina Vanguard locations of the National Children’s Study (NCS), a large longitudinal study of how social, behavioral, community, and environmental factors affect human health and development. Entwisle’s activities included significant contributions to the sampling strategies for this study, protocol development, and leadership in field operations involving evaluating recruitment strategies, multiple surveys, and collection of biological specimens and environmental samples. Her work on the NCS continued a long history of engagement in major data infrastructure projects, including the design and implementation of innovative social surveys around the world, including landmark studies of the CPC such as Add Health, the China Health and Nutrition Survey, the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey, and the Nang Rong Surveys, and which has now evolved into an interest in “social observatories” (e.g., see article she co-authored with Dalton Conley and others in the February 2, 2015 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education). In the next several years, she will pursue this interest in the context of studies of population, health, and environment.

Primary Research Areas:

  • Demography

  • Population Health

Current Research Projects:

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