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Ph.D., Associate Professor, Fellow Emeritus, Economics
Curriculum Vitae

Boone A. Turchi is a Fellow Emeritus at the Carolina Population Center.

Boone Turchi is an economist-demographer who specializes in the analysis of household demographic and economic behavior. He uses microeconomic theory to explain U.S. fertility intentions and family planning behavior. He is interested in modeling the context within which such individual allocative decisions as reproductive decision making take place. He has written on issues involved in using and misusing microeconomic theory in demographic analysis. Currently, he is collaborating with Warren Miller (Transnational Family Research Institute) on the determinants of family size decisions using economic, psychological, and normative data collected from a sample of 500 women in California. Turchi has studied the financial cost of children in the United States and Colombia, examined reproductive and labor force behavior of young U.S. couples, and has written a book on the economics of U.S. fertility. He has done research on the interface of psychology, economics, and sociology and the impact of declining population on economies of industrialized nations. Recent work involves the microeconomics of fertility and community impacts on individual demographic behavior in Mexico and a monograph on the economic condition of American families in the 1980s and 1990s. Turchi teaches several primary population courses in economics, including a course on the family.