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Désiré Kédagni
Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics, Economics
Curriculum Vitae

I am an econometrician with a particular focus on microeconometrics and causal inference (treatment effects and policy evaluation). I am also interested in development economics, labor economics and economics of education.

Dr. Kédagni's interests span a broad range of topics with an important focus on microeconometrics (identification issues: theory and applications), causal inference, policy evaluation, and development economics. A distinctive feature of his recent econometric work is that it is motivated and tailored to answer specific real-world empirical questions. He has been collaborating with non-econometricians in order to make use of the newly-developed econometric methods to help answer their relevant research questions. His main applications are in the fields of labor economics and economics of education. His recent research has been published in Biometrika, Journal of EconometricsThe Econometrics Journal, Journal of Applied Econometrics and European Economic Review.

Associated Research Themes