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Guang Guo
Ph.D., Dr. George and Alice Welsh Distinguished Professor, Sociology
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Guang Guo has focused on the intersection of sociology and genomics, incorporating advances in genomics and epigenomics in the studies of social science issues such as social stratification and health inequality. His work takes advantage of dazzling developments in molecular genomics over the past quarter century have undermined an assumption still common in mainstream social sciences -- that individuals are about the same at birth (a “blank slate”) and that the observed differences across individuals are due entirely to environmental influences.

Guang Guo is Dr. George and Alice Welsh Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he is faculty member in the Department of Sociology, Carolina Population Center, and Carolina Center for Genome Sciences. His work focuses on social science genomics that integrates sociology with genomics and epigenetics in the studies of fundamental social science issues such as social stratification, health inequality, and bio-ancestry and social construction of racial and ethnic identity. He has made a number of contributions towards understanding the interplay between social environment and inheritance in social stratification, delinquency, alcohol and substance abuse, and sexual behaviors. His work has appeared in American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, PLoS ONE, Demography, Social Forces, Social Science Research, Sociological Methodology, Journal of American Statistical Sociology, and Sociological Methods and Research.

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