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The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) is leading a collaborative research program on cash transfers and intimate partner violence (IPV). The overall long-term goal of the Cash Transfer and Intimate Partner Violence (CT & IPV) Research Collaborative is to advance the research agenda linking cash transfers and IPV—defining and contributing evidence to knowledge gaps, bringing coherence to future research plans, and disseminating research findings—in order to effectively leverage cash programming for IPV prevention among poor and vulnerable women in low- and middle-income settings. The collaborative will prioritize evidence generation on key knowledge gaps and priority research questions agreed upon during a recent workshop hosted by IFPRI (July 2018) – envisioning streams of work for immediate implementation, as well as the longer term. A secondary goal of the collaborative will be communication of research – in particular, bridging disciplinary boundaries between Social and Behavioral Scientists, Epidemiologists and Development Economists in order to bring together the strengths of each; building partnerships between researchers and implementers working in this area to bring coherence to future research; and raising the profile of IPV on the agenda of social protection policymakers and implementers in an effort to make IPV reduction a more explicit policy objective. As a named collaborator on the funded grant proposal, UNC will co-manage the overall collaborative (jointly with Dr. Roy from IFPRI), which includes the following activities: tracking and reporting on overall grant deliverables; leading outputs around communication and dissemination, including engagement with policymakers and promoting uptake of research findings; and designing the proposal for phase 2 of the collaborative. UNC will also lead the Ghana case study. This will include hiring and supervising the Navrongo Health Research Center in Northern Ghana for qualitative fieldwork. UNC will oversee Navrongo Health Research Center on its tasks. UNC will lead the development of study instruments and design, backstop the fieldwork, analyze results, draft the final manuscript, and disseminate findings.

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