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Buekens, Pierre; Masuy-Stroobant, Godelieve; & Delvaux, Therese (1998). High Birthweights among Infants of North African Immigrants in Belgium. American Journal of Public Health, 88(5), 808-811. PMCID: PMC1508957


Objectives: This study examined birthweights of North African immigrants in Belgium.
Methods: Analyses focused on Belgian single live birth certificates from 1981 to 1988.
Results: Low-birthweight (< 2500 g) rates were 3.1% among 34,686 newborns of North African origin and 4.8% among 804,286 newborns of Belgian origin. The entire North African birthweight distribution was shifted toward higher birthweights than the Belgian distribution. Low frequencies of low birthweights among North Africans were still observed after marital status, occupation of the father, and parity had been taken into account.
Conclusions: Despite their low socioeconomic status, North African immigrants have high birthweights.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

American Journal of Public Health


Buekens, Pierre
Masuy-Stroobant, Godelieve
Delvaux, Therese