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Brown, Courtney J.; Mutran, Elizabeth J.; Sloane, Philip D.; & Long, Kristie M. (1998). Primary Care Physicians' Knowledge and Behavior Related to Alzheimer's Disease. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 17(4), 462-479.


A national sample of primary care physicians from the American Medical Association database was surveyed to examine primary care physician knowledge and physician practices related to Alzheimer's disease (AD). A previously validated instrument, The University of Alabama at Bir mingham Alzheimer's Disease Knowledge Testfor Health Professionals, was used to assess phy sician knowledge. The survey also included questions regarding the frequency of performing di agnostic, treatment, and support behaviors for Alzheimer's patients and families. Scores on the knowledge portion of the questionnaire varied widely, with internists and family practitioners scoring better than general practitioners, and younger physicians scoring higher than older physicians. Overall, primary care physicians made few new diagnoses and infrequently per formed behaviors related to the diagnostic process, treatment, and recommendation of support services. Weak, positive associations werefound between physician level of knowledge and six of the nine AD practice behaviors investigated. Implications of these findings are discussed, and strategies to improve knowledge of physicians caring for people with AD are outlined.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Applied Gerontology


Brown, Courtney J.
Mutran, Elizabeth J.
Sloane, Philip D.
Long, Kristie M.