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La Vida Normal


Barrington, Clare; Kerrigan, Deanna L.; Urena, Francisco I. Caceres; & Brudney, Karen F. (2018). La Vida Normal. Culture, Health & Sexuality, 20(1), 40-54.


In this study, we explore how individuals living with HIV in the Dominican Republic strive to live a 'normal' life and the consequences of this pursuit of normalcy. We conducted qualitative in-depth interviews with men (n = 20) and women (n = 20) living with HIV and receiving care at two urban clinics in Santo Domingo. We analysed the data using a combination of narrative analysis and thematic coding. We aimed to identify how fears and/or lived experiences with social rejection and HIV-related stigma and discrimination shaped participants' abilities to maintain social relationships, be economically productive and manage HIV within the context of sexual relationships. Participants used the discourse of


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Journal Article

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Journal Title

Culture, Health & Sexuality


Barrington, Clare
Kerrigan, Deanna L.
Urena, Francisco I. Caceres
Brudney, Karen F.