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Malhotra, Anju & Tsui, Amy Ong (1999). Work and Marriage: Mother-Daughter Similarities in Sri Lanka. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 30(2), 219-241.


Generational interaction and gender roles are two of the most important dimensions of family life in most societies. This is especially true for Asian cultures where status and roles in the gender and generational hierarchies are key to understanding the nature of, and the transformation in, rapidly changing family systems (Caldwell et al. 1983; Fricke et al, 1986; Malhotra 1991; Thronton et al. 1986). However, while the importance of the parent-child relationship for gender norms and behavior is relatively well documented for Western contexts, there is little understanding of intergenerational influences in non-Western contexts (Glass et al. 1986; Miller and Glass 1989; Thronton and Axinn 1995). Studies that address the interaction of age and gender in Asian settings by covering more than one generation on attitudinal and behavioral issues of major relevance to women’s lives are rare.


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Journal Article

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Journal of Comparative Family Studies


Malhotra, Anju
Tsui, Amy Ong