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Gilleskie, Donna B.; Han, Euna; & Norton, Edward C. (2017). Disentangling the Contemporaneous and Dynamic Effects of Human and Health Capital on Wages over the Life Cycle. Review of Economic Dynamics, 25, 350-383. PMCID: PMC6615742


We quantify the life-cycle effects of human and health capital on the wage distribution of women, with a focus on health capital measured by body mass. We use NLSY79 data on women followed annually up to twenty years during the time of their lives when average annual weight gain is greatest. We measure the wage impact of current body mass (i.e., the contemporaneous or direct effect) while controlling for observed measures of human capital (namely, educational attainment, employment experience, marital status tenure, and family size) and the impacts of an evolving body mass (i.e., the dynamic or indirect effects) on the endogenous histories of behaviors that produce these human capital stocks. We find significant differences in the contemporaneous and dynamic effects of body mass on wages by age, by race, and by wage level.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Review of Economic Dynamics


Gilleskie, Donna B.
Han, Euna
Norton, Edward C.




Gilleskie - 0000-0002-1278-7707