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Levels and Trends in Fertility and Mortality in Bangladesh


Kantner, Andrew & Frankenberg, Elizabeth (1988). Levels and Trends in Fertility and Mortality in Bangladesh.. Kantner, Andrew; Frankenberg, Elizabeth; Islam, M. Ataurhul; & Mitra, S. N. (Eds.) (pp. 3-32ii). Dhaka, Bangladesh: Mitra and Associates.


The government of Bangladesh currently maintains that high population growth is the "number one problem" facing the country. Development objectives pertaining to food self-sufficiency, employment, education, and the provision of quality health services are thought to be inexorably linked with the rate of population growth. Unfortunately, while there is general agreement that population growth is high in Bangladesh, there is little consensus regarding actual levels and trends of fertility and mortality.

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Kantner, Andrew
Frankenberg, Elizabeth