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Bremner, Jason L.; Lopez-Carr, David L.; Suter, Laurel; & Davis, Jason (2010). Population, Poverty, Environment, and Climate Dynamics in the Developing World. Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, 11(2/3), 112-126.


This paper reviews extant evidence and offers a conceptual framework for the investigation of complex dynamics among human population growth, environmental degradation, poverty, and climate change. The paper introduces theories relating to population growth, environmental degradation, the impact on human well-being, and potential relations with climate change. Poverty is discussed in detail as both a contributing factor to and consequence of population growth and environmental change. The empirical literature on land cover change and environmental change in coastal and marine resources and potential relations with climate change are examined. Despite notable limitations to current knowledge on links among population growth, ecosystems, climate, and poverty, implications for further research and policy application are rich.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Interdisciplinary Environmental Review


Bremner, Jason L.
Lopez-Carr, David L.
Suter, Laurel
Davis, Jason