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Madison, Hamilton, and Jefferson: Reinterpreting America’s Founding Fathers


Coclanis, Peter A. (2017). Madison, Hamilton, and Jefferson: Reinterpreting America's Founding Fathers. Business History Review, 91(3), 575-587.


These are “interesting times” for the Founding Fathers—“interesting” in the ironical sense in which the word is employed popularly, but also in the apocryphal Chinese curse. For example, for several decades now, writers such as Gary Wills, Joseph Ellis, Ron Chernow, and Richard Brookhiser have been tapping into large general audiences with best-selling studies on the Founding Fathers. At the same time, numerous dyspeptic faculty members—including, alas, some influential College Board consultants—have decried the “overattention” being paid to “dead white males,” however distinguished, and in so doing, often succeeded in easing the Founding Fathers off of both the historical stage and the scantron sheets of the SAT.


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Journal Article

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Business History Review


Coclanis, Peter A.