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The Transfer Project, Cash Transfers, and Impact Evaluation in Sub-Saharan Africa (2016).. Davis, Benjamin; Handa, Sudhanshu; Hypher, Nicola; Winder Rossi, Natalia; Winters, Paul; & Yablonski, Jennifer (Eds.) (pp. 1-13). Oxford, England: FAO.


Cash transfer programmes are a key instrument of social protection in developing countries, having expanded dramatically over the past two decades. A key objective of this book is to provide the accumulated evidence of the broad reaching impacts of cash transfer programmes in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on countries supported by the Transfer Project and From Protection to Production Project. The book brings together rigorous impact evaluations which provide comprehensive analysis and evidence on programme impact in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Malawi, and South Africa. The impact evaluations employed mixed method approaches, including randomized controls trials (RCTs) and non-experimental designs, qualitative methods, and village LEWIE-computable general equilibrium (CGE) modelling. Further, the book analyses the relationship between the impact evaluations and the policy and programme implementation process occurring in each country, providing lessons on the political economy of cash transfer programme impact evaluation.


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