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Gillett, Rhonda M. (1998). Permanent Tooth Emergence among Zambian Schoolchildren: A standard for the Assignment of Ages. American Journal of Human Biology, 10(1), 45-51.


There is sufficient variation in the timing of permanent tooth emergence to warrant population specific standards. Due to the lack of reliable ages in rural Zambia, a tooth emergence standard is derived from an urban sample of 543 Zambian schoolchildren. The standard allows assignment of an age to a child based on the total number of permanent teeth emerged. As a way to evaluate the ability of the standard to assign correct ages to Zambian children, a randomly chosen test (10%) sample was withheld from the formation of the standard. Accuracy of the standard in assigning ages to children in both the test and main samples was assessed in ±0.5, ±1.0, and ±2.0 year intervals. Both the main and test samples were able to accurately assign correct ages within ±0.5 year


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Human Biology


Gillett, Rhonda M.