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Darity, William A., Jr. & Young, Warren (1997). On Rewriting Chapter 2 of The General Theory: Keynes's Concept of Involuntary Unemployment.. Harcourt, Geoffrey Colin & Riach, Peter A. (Eds.) (pp. 20-27). London: Routledge.


Keynes always intended to write 'footnotes' to his masterwork The General Theory, which would take account of the criticisms made of it and allow him to refine his ideas further.
These two volumes contain the work of a wide range of Keynes scholars, including James Tobin, Paul Davidson and Lord Skidelsky, who here have written the 'footnotes' that Keynes never did.
The first volume follows the structure of ^The General Theory offering attempts to clarify difficult passages and suggesting ways in which Keynes might have revised his theory in light of his own subsequent work.
The second volume contains essays which relate to developments in Keynes scholarship in the years since his death and demonstrates the ongoing validity of the Keynesian tradition.

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Darity, William A., Jr.
Young, Warren