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Comprehensive Remote Sensing


Walsh, Stephen J. (2018). Comprehensive Remote Sensing.. Liang, Shunlin (Ed.). Waltham, Mass.: Elsevier.


Comprehensive Remote Sensing covers all aspects of the topic, with each volume edited by well-known scientists and contributed to by frontier researchers. It is a comprehensive resource that will benefit both students and researchers who want to further their understanding in this discipline. The field of remote sensing has quadrupled in size in the past two decades, and increasingly draws in individuals working in a diverse set of disciplines ranging from geographers, oceanographers, and meteorologists, to physicists and computer scientists. Researchers from a variety of backgrounds are now accessing remote sensing data, creating an urgent need for a one-stop reference work that can comprehensively document the development of remote sensing, from the basic principles, modeling and practical algorithms, to various applications.

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Edited Book

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Applications for Societal Benefits


Walsh, Stephen J.