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“You Can Do It Anywhere”: Student and Teacher Perceptions of an Online Sexuality Education Intervention


Chen, Elizabeth & Barrington, Clare (2017). “You Can Do It Anywhere”: Student and Teacher Perceptions of an Online Sexuality Education Intervention. American Journal of Sexuality Education, 12(2), 105-119.


Formal sexuality education in schools is declining in the United States and this is disproportionately affecting adolescents in rural settings. The purpose of this qualitative study was to assess student and teacher perception of sexuality education delivered online as a potential solution to address this gap in access. Nine gender-specific group interviews were conducted with ninth grade students (n = 29) in rural North Carolina to discuss students’ experience with an online sexuality education intervention called MyHealthEd. Interviews were also conducted with three health teachers at pilot schools. Students and teachers identified more benefits to online sexuality education including more student engagement and greater privacy and comfort, than drawbacks, such as too much student autonomy and less interaction with others. Online sexuality education is a promising and preferred method of delivery for sexuality education for students and health teachers, particularly in settings where trained health teachers are not available or less willing to deliver state-mandated content. The MyHealthEd intervention has the potential to increase availability of high quality health education to students across North Carolina, as well as students in other rural or underserved areas.


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Sexuality Education


Chen, Elizabeth
Barrington, Clare