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Zhong, Yi; Gilleskie, Donna B.; van Tilburg, Miranda A. L.; Hooper, Stephen R.; Rak, Eniko; Javalkar, Karina; Nazareth, Meaghan; Pitts, Brian; Ndugga, Maggwa; & Jain, Nina, et al. (2018). Longitudinal Self-Management and/or Transition Readiness per the TRxANSITION Index among Patients with Chronic Conditions in Pediatric or Adult Care Settings. Journal of Pediatrics, 203, 361-70.e1.


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the roles of key individual, family, and illness characteristics on the levels of and gains in longitudinal healthcare transition (HCT) readiness in the pediatric setting and/or self-management skills (SMS) in the adult-focused setting, we used a large dataset with longitudinal measurements from 2006 to 2015.
STUDY DESIGN: This longitudinal observational study followed 566 adolescents and young adults with chronic conditions at University of North Carolina Hospitals. TRxANSITION Index measurements, which represent learning outcomes rather than health outcomes, were collected multiple times per patient and analyzed using a novel application of an education-based approach.
RESULTS: Levels of and gains in HCT/SMS scores increased with age (P < .001) with smaller increases at older ages. Mastery of skills varied by age with self-management achieved after 20 years of age. Scores varied positively by father's education and negatively by mother's education and duration of diagnosis. Gains in scores further varied positively with private insurance and negatively with mother's education and duration of diagnosis.
CONCLUSIONS: We found diminishing positive increases in HCT/SMS scores as patients become older and smaller levels of and gains in readiness among younger patients with more educated mothers. Risk factors for absolute level of HCT/SMS readiness and inadequate longitudinal gains are not always the same, which motivates a deeper understanding of this dynamic process through additional research. This information can guide providers to focus HCT/SMS preparation efforts on skills mastered at particular ages and to identify patients at risk for inadequate development of HCT/SMS skills.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Pediatrics


Zhong, Yi
Gilleskie, Donna B.
van Tilburg, Miranda A. L.
Hooper, Stephen R.
Rak, Eniko
Javalkar, Karina
Nazareth, Meaghan
Pitts, Brian
Ndugga, Maggwa
Jain, Nina
Hart, Laura
Bhansali, Suneet
Richards, Jordan
Detwiler, Randy
True, Karin
de Pomposo, Alexandre S. F.
Ferris, Marie E.


Gilleskie - 0000-0002-1278-7707